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Tricky Bridge makes it fun (and free!) for absolute beginners to learn bridge: rules, bidding, and strategy. Learn solo, at your own pace through 37 lessons, competitions, and challenges. Tricky Bridge has no pop-up advertisements, so you'll enjoy uninterrupted learning. You can also play offline.

Just Play Bridge

Just Play Bridge

Practice or just play bridge anytime with world-class robot partners and opponents, online or offline. Compare scores anonymously to up to 49 other players on each deal and view replays (or replay deals yourself) to improve and refine your skills.

Bridge Tournaments


Play robot "duplicate" bridge tournaments and compete against players around the world. Daily Tournaments, Quick Tournaments, and Knockouts. Earn Stars for good scores against thousands of other players, and rise through the ranks from Rookie to Grand Master!

Is bridge for me?

Bridge is a game for people who like to exercise their brain. It's like chess in that you'll always be challenged and always be improving, even if you play for decades. But bridge is more social -- it's a partnership game! -- and each deal of bridge is very short, usually around 5 minutes long. It teaches communication, cooperation, strategic and analytical thinking, and it will test your working memory skills a bit. Don't worry, you don't need to be a card game genius to love it. It might just become your favorite game.


Bridge is also the only game left in the world where the best computers cannot beat the best humans. Tricky Bridge's robot players are smart, but perhaps you can best them at the card table?


Challenge yourself and give it a try!

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