Tricky Bridge: The App for Learning How to Play Bridge

Over 3,000,000 beginner bridge lessons taught. 

Tricky Bridge® is the fun, free way for complete beginners to learn bridge online at their own pace, and for experienced players to practice and compete.

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Tricky Bridge Featured by App Store
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Learn Bridge

Short lesson modules and challenges that make bridge fun from the first minute. You'll play at your own pace with 3 friendly bridge robot characters. Learn bidding, rules, and strategy.


Once you've got a handle on bridge basics, play unlimited, randomized bridge deals anytime with 3 robots in Practice mode. Practice is entirely free, online or offline, with no pop-up ads.


Play "duplicate" bridge tournaments online, available 24/7, where all players play the exact same deals, each at their own table with 3 robots. Scores are compared on a leaderboard. 

Tricky Bridge How to Play Bridge Featured by App Store

Become a Great Bridge Player

 Tricky Bridge® is a free "how to play bridge" app for beginners on iPhone/iPad and Android. It's the perfect Learn Bridge app for new players and those returning after a break. It's also great for experienced bridge players who enjoy casual duplicate contract bridge.

In Tricky Bridge, if you're new or need a refresher, you'll play through 57 short bridge lesson modules and challenges, each building on a core concept of bidding, play, or strategy of the card game bridge. Three loveable, antique bridge robots will guide you as you learn bridge and help them win enough competitions to save their bridge club.

If you're an experienced social, rubber, or duplicate bridge player, you'll skip the lessons and head straight to full robot play, where you can practice, Just Play Bridge, or compete.

Beginners graduate into playing full bridge: Finished the lessons? Pop into in the free Practice mode (random deals with 3 robots and a helpful Hint button) to apply what you've learned, hone your skills, or prepare for your first real-life bridge match. When you're feeling adventurous, dip your toe into the Tournaments section with Quick, Daily, and Knockout modes. You play at your own table with 3 robots -- everyone plays the same deals at their own tables, and then scores are compared on a leaderboard -- so you can play on your own schedule and experiment with bridge bidding, without worrying about a human partner or human opponents until you're ready. Quick Tournaments are organized by skill level, so if you're new to bridge competition, your scores will only be compared to those of other new players. Refine your skills, develop new strategies, and rise through the ranks to Grand Master!

The app has over 4,000 5-star ratings from players who have learned and enjoyed bridge with the Tricky Bridge app.

Tricky Bridge 5 Stars

“This app is PERFECT for the absolute beginner! I have zero card game knowledge, and this makes learning bridge so easy.”


Tricky Bridge 5 Stars

“Amazingly well done and makes learning how to play bridge a lot of fun.”


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Download Tricky Bridge iOS 9
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